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How to Build an Excellent Thermostatic Water park

The constant temperature water park in theory solves the seasonality of the water park, all year round can be open to operate, without fear of typhoon, heavy rain, low temperature, cold. UV protection, even in the summer when the UV rays are extremely strong, there is no risk of sunburn or tanning; in winter there is no fear of the cold.

At the same time, because the project itself is not subject to sun exposure, weather changes, the surrounding environment, air pollution and other factors that can affect the child, it is more easily accepted by the post-85, 90-year-old family groups.

The point of indoor constant temperature water park is not simply the word constant temperature, more attention should be paid to product quality, some indoor constant temperature water park area is large, the project is very small, giving people a feeling of very empty, not conducive to the atmosphere of the venue gathering; some area is small, the equipment is very much, very crowded, so that visitors feel uncomfortable. Therefore, indoor constant temperature water park to improve the quality, first of all to do a good job of the overall product planning and planning, must be based on the size and shape of the venue, to choose the right amount of reasonable planning.

The construction cost of a constant temperature water park is much higher than that of an outdoor water park, mainly in infrastructure costs and HVAC works. In general, a thermostatic water park of the same size has a longer construction cycle than an outdoor water park.

The constant temperature water park should strengthen the family-friendly atmosphere, can set up small wave-making pool, family slides, adventure, circular flow, massage, children's play pool, personalized water cottage, interactive water play equipment, etc. Between the pool to the bridge or walkway interval, set up all kinds of slides around the system and recreation areas, according to the local configuration combination of slides, water mushrooms, aquatic cartoon animals spraying water and so on, with swimming pools, artificial surfing, water rafts and other parent-child entertainment function area, in the layout should reflect the characteristics of the appropriate density. Decoration design constant temperature water park can be considered to make its outdoor open waterfront space effect, for this, generally will be a variety of leisure, entertainment, dining space is concentrated in an indoor hall space, the hall can use a large span of glass roof, in order to make the indoor sunshine, green trees pond into a reflection of interest, so that people have the feeling of being in the outdoor natural environment. Through the glass from the upper level corridor, the entire splash area can be seen in action, giving the entire lobby a lively and joyful atmosphere. Of course, if it's the inside of a mall, you'll have to use lights to achieve the effect. Spacious splash hall spaces should be flexible and adaptable enough to accommodate possible changes in the function of the event, both in the separation of the space and in the configuration of the event facilities. For this reason, the selection of structural materials and the design of the construction of the constant temperature water park decoration need to be taken accordingly.

Precautions for building a constant temperature water park

With the post-85 and post-90 crowd slowly becoming the main force of mother and child consumption, the new era of mother consumption concept has a new upgrade, they pay attention to the sense of quality, experience, interaction and entertainment, simple water play can no longer meet their needs, how to let family members play in the water at ease, play with tricks, play with wisdom, is more concerned about them. Thermostatic water park can also be subdivided into indoor thermostatic parent-child water park, the children's park and water projects combined to meet the children love to play and water nature, is the exclusive playground for children. While the water depth is professionally designed to meet the safety needs of children, the interior is decorated and colored to match the age of the child, complemented by a variety of fun and exciting parent-child programs.

As a segmented product of the quality and multi-seasonal operation of the water park, such as quality, multi-functional and thematic features will be welcomed by the family-oriented customer base, such as the integration of fashion, sports, health and other elements, can also attract young customer base.

The constant temperature water park in the investment volume, equipment selection, site selection and later operation of energy consumption should be highly valued, in the "software input" especially the most advanced investment planning, overall planning and design, specialization of the product to build, professional team intervention and other aspects of efforts, taboo to buy equipment, civil construction as the only work to build the constant temperature water park.

Safety, constant temperature water park should first start from the initial planning and design, with reference to international experience, should let the professional operating team and safety professionals to intervene in the first time, to avoid the contradictions in its facilities, visitor lines, service lines and overall passenger capacity. In addition, the park should introduce a professional safety management system, strengthen the daily training mechanism, implement all relevant management systems responsible for the person to achieve seamless and closed-loop control.

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