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Basic knowledge of water park


Basic knowledge of water park

Concept and classification of water park:

Water park concept: Water park is a kind of theme park. It has the characteristics of large tourist capacity, wide playable age range, and high revisit rate.Water park classification:

  1. Classification by form:

    (1) Outdoor water park

    (2) Indoor water park

    (3) Integrated water park: indoor + outdoor; land park + water park

    (4) Hot Spring Water Park

    Classified by consumption pattern:

    (1) Urban leisure and entertainment

    Urban leisure and aquatic water park generally refers to being located in the city, and the main consumer groups are local residents, which are urban supporting services for local residents.

    (2) Travel and vacation

    Tourism resort water parks are generally a certain distance from major cities, and most consumer groups have demand for accommodation. According to the characteristics of the project, it is divided into hot spring resort type, coastal resort type, tourism purpose type and other categories.

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