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FAQs of Water Park Construction
Water park project has great market potential, but we should not investment and construction blindly, the following seven questions for investors who is interested in the water park project.

How big is the land needed and how much do you need to build a water park?
Water park area and the investment is not fixed, a project to earnings and appreciation, cannot simply take formula or template to set, and on-site resources must be combined with the local market, to make rational investment analysis, the characteristics and appeal to, and combining with the interior of good management and marketing, to get a project done earnings and appreciation.

What can Daxin Waterpark do for you?
Daxin Waterpark is a professional water park construction company with project investment planning, planning and design, equipment manufacturing, Installation, training, operation management, marketing etc.

3. What is the general cooperation and water park construction process?
Project communication - field survey - layout planning and design scheme evaluation - engineering budget and determine the investment - determine the cooperation design and water park equipment manufacturer - construction and equipment installation - commissioning and operation - after sales service training and management consulting.

4.How long does it need to build a water park?
It depends on how big is your water, generally speaking, a medium size water park 2000sqm if all condition is good, it will take around 12 months to finished a water park.

5. How to plan the water park project to achieve the best results?
Investment in water park now has a big error, blind pursuit of novelty, without combination with the local market, which is often cause the failure of some water park, and year after year depreciation. To make the best of the benefits of water park, and to appreciate each year, the four key points must be grasped:
1) it must conform to the local market.
2) it must be attractive and distinctive.

6. How to invest in water park with less risk?
The water park investors for less risk, must have a well of the professional investment plan, and don’t make blindly pursue of novel and extraordinary. According to years of research of the water parks, a water park project is the influence factors of loss or profit, the water park equipment selection accounts for the proportion of no more than 50%, where more important is the project investment planning, operation management and marketing, which is now generally existing in the water park construction erroneous zone. Therefore, the water park should have a long-term overall profit solution to make investment risk less.

7. How long does it take to invest in a water park?
Generally speaking, if all condition is good, the investment of water park will start to be profitable in the third year. However, there are also many water parks that have realized their returns in the first year and started to make profits. There are also those that have never returned, which is directly related to investment planning.

8. How long is the service life of the general water park equipment? What happens when you use it later?
The designed service life of water park equipment is ten years. After the expiration of the equipment, we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation with the equipment condition. If the assessment is qualified, we can re-apply for further use. If it fails, it will make a considerable fixed.

9. What are the industry standards for water parks?
In China, there are two national standards for water park industry: general technical conditions of water amusement facilities and safety regulations of amusement facilities. For overseas project, it’s better to make reference from the local regulations.

Daxin Waterpark founded in the year of 2000 and is one of the top high-tech enterprise group in China which has the qualifications for manufacturing, installing and repairing special equipment for large-scale water amusement facilities. It has more than 500 technical staff and a manufacturing base of 120,000 square meters. The product are exported to 20 countries including Asia and Africa and the Middle East. We provided project planning, designing, construction and management solutions, specialization and customization for more than 500 water parks at domestic and abroad such as Hong Kong New World Group, Country Garden Group, Tianmu Group and Maxim Group etc

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