Water park slides
Business Scope

Investment planning

Daxin Waterpark has more than 20 years of experience in investment planning for theme water parks, and can provide clients with professional solutions such as project positioning, investment analysis and feasibility study report.


Planning and Design

As a veteran enterprise in the industry, Daxin Waterpark has accumulated rich experience in water park planning and theme landscape packaging design. The classic case is Hunan Yangsha Lake Water Park, Jiangxi Yichun Mu Dream Water City, South African Water Park, Kazakhstan Water Park, Ukrainian water music, etc.


Manufacturing & installation

Daxin Waterpark has a production base of 120,000 square meters in Qingyuan Guangqing Industrial Park. The factory is divided into FRP production and steel structure production. All management strictly follows the ISO9001 management system to ensure the high quality and high safety of the products produced.


Product line

The industry-leading FRP water slides, intelligent artificial wave equipment, large and medium-sized interactive water tanks, assembly swimming pools, water treatment equipment, landscape decorations and other large-scale amusement facilities have a total of 128 series.


Business Distribution

The company participates in the design, manufacturing, installation and consulting management services of more than 500 domestic and international theme water parks, and the equipment is exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa.


After sales service

All products of Daxin Waterpark are manufactured by five-axis CNC molds to ensure high precision and high quality. The perfect and timely after-sales service is the guarantee for customers to choose Daxin Waterpark, and it is also the cornerstone of Daxin Waterpark's continuous development. It is the foundation for Daxin Waterpark to achieve a good market reputation on a global scale.

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