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  • Palm Valley Water City - DAXIN WATER PARK

    Palm Valley Water City - DAXIN WATER PARK

    Brief information Project name: Palm Valley Water City Size: 15000㎡ Location: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China Finished time: 2011.07.05 Palm Valley Water City is located at No. 8 Yingbin Road, Dongcheng District, Dongguan, next to the Royal View Bay Hotel. It is quiet and pleasant, with fresh air, green and exotic style. Daxin Water Park provided&nb...

  • Ice Spring Water Park

    Ice Spring Water Park

    Brief information Project name: Ice Spring Water Park Size: 32000㎡ Location: Nanchuan City, Chongqing Province, China Finished year: 2016.06.05 Ice Spring Water Park is located beside the 5A Scenic Spot (Shenlong Gorge) in Nanping Town, Nanchuan District, southwest of Chongqing. The average temperature in summer is about 26 °C. The water park is unique in that it uses...

  • Xinyang Bailu Lake Water Park

    Xinyang Bailu Lake Water Park

    Project name: Xinyang Bailu Lake Water Park daxin water park Size: 15000㎡ Location: Xinyang City,HenanProvince, China Finished year: 2016.07.05 Bailu Lake Water Park is a large water theme amusement park entrusted by Guangzhou Daxin Amusement Park in the West Jiuhua Mountain Scenic Area. The water entertainment facilities are all available and the entertainment environment is beautiful. There are ...

  • Guiping Wanlong Water Park

    Guiping Wanlong Water Park

    Project name: Guiping Wanlong Water Park Size: 120000㎡ Location: Guiping City, Guangxi Province, China Finished year: 2020.07.08

  • Angola Water park

    Angola Water park

    Brief information Project name: Angola Water park Size: 15000㎡ Location: Angola Open time: 2021.05.05

  • Heilongjiang Hegang Fitness Center Water Park

    Heilongjiang Hegang Fitness Center Water Park

    Project name: Heilongjiang Hegang Fitness Center Water Park Size: 15000㎡ Location: Hegang City,HeilongjiangProvince, China Finished year: 2019.12.20

  • Algeria Hotel Water Park

    Algeria Hotel Water Park

    Brief information Project name: Algeria Water Park  Size: 10000㎡ Location: Algeria Finished time: 2020.06.05

  • Malaysia Water Park

    Malaysia Water Park

    Brief information Project name: Malaysia Water Park Size: 10000㎡ Location: Malaysia Finished time: 2020.06.05

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