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Reservations? Dismissed? Closed season water park staffing management tips, please put away


In September, both north and south, the temperature is gradually dropping, after the peak of summer operations,water parks around the park have entered the maintenance and recuperation period. At the same time, for the next year's summer opening of the new water park in September - October also ushered in the golden period of planning and planning. For the new preparatory stage of the water park, how to design a good experience in the pre-planning effect; and for the water park has been put into operation, into the closing period of the water park, how to place a whole summer "hard work," the park employees, is becoming a water park investors think about the problem day and night.

Take the water park closing period, for example, usually some water parks take the approach is to close the park during the basic salary, or leave the core cadre, the grass-roots staff disbanded in place. This leads to a loss of talent, the next year when the peak season, and then need to re-recruitment, re-training, this practice from both the human input or output is poor. And new employees also need time to get familiar with the park environment and workflow, affecting the level of service and operation management in the coming year.

Based on years of service to Xinyu Kai Guang Happy Valley Water Park, Huaihua Dancing Water Storm Water Park, Gaozhou Guxian Water City and other popularwater park operationand management experience, Guangzhou Zhihui summary: water parks as a distinct seasonal attributes of tourism products, the use of human resources and operations need to consider the park and other industry products linkage and convergence. The use of human resources is not a simple recruitment - dissolution of this action. There are also good recipes for managing the placement of staff at water parks during the closing period.


Build a flexible Operational Structure

The operational structure of the water park determines the level of water park operations and management. The setting of core departments (such as engineering equipment, life-saving operations, etc.), play a mainstay of the overall park management. Before formal operation and management of the park, the ratio of regular employees (core employees) to part-time employees is set reasonable, which will greatly reduce the pressure of manpower placement after the park closes. At the same time, building a flexible operational structure also requires strong and effective human resources assessment and integration during the closing period, and combining the willingness and skills of employees to transfer and reassign them, so as to lay a solid foundation for a new round of operations in the coming year.


Linking with other businesses in the resort to achieve internalarrangement

The development of a single water park operation has so far become increasingly difficult to achieve long-term stable cash flow. Theme tourism development so far, clustering, multi-format vacation tourism products are becoming a hot topic for investors. Take the domestic well-known resort - Guangzhou Changlong Tourism Resort as an example, its water park, zoo, motorized park, circus, accommodation hotel and other tourism products basically laid the development goal of Guangzhou Changlong clustering, several major tourism products are interlinked with each other, and together play a multiplier effect of clustering. Even if the water park enters the maintenance period, more than a thousand water park employees can also be well internal digestion, to achieve the sharing of manpower in each park. At the moment, the water park is becoming an important configuration of the resort class scenic spot, to achieve the linkage with the other resort industry, complete the internal digestion, it is the best way to water park manpower placement during the closing period.


Orderly commencement of closed park maintenance work

Throughout the summer season of operation, the water park facilities and equipmentwill be a certain degree of wear and tear, and to extend the service life of equipment and equipment to enhance the experience of visitors in the coming year, the closing period, equipment and facilities maintenance work is extremely necessary. Usually, after the closure of the water park, the first park engineering safety inspection work, systematic overhaul of the park pipeline, machine rooms, operating tables and other infrastructure. At the same time fits the wear and tear of the equipment, issued maintenance recommendations, by the procurement department for the purchase of maintenance supplies. According to the maintenance plan, according to the technical requirements, the personnel are arranged reasonably to carry out the maintenance work such as waxing and re-gluing of the equipment item by item to realize the reasonable utilizationof human resources.


Long-term development and intellectual output go hand in hand

Water park operation and management is a systematic management, not only involves equipment, engineering and other technical expertise, but also involves the basic administration, marketing and financial management. Closing period, water park management in the integration of the park's own conditions and factors, but also continue to expand with external scenic areas of cooperation negotiations, organization of personnel training or docking output. Realize the positive interaction between scenic spots and scenic spots, the next year linkage marketing operation is a great promotion and play.

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