Water park slides

Water & Theme Park Service Part 2

  • Water Amusement Project Equipment Service

1. According to the amount of tourists, a waiting area is set up in the amusement project, and facilities such as sunshade shelter, queues, and temporary rest seats are provided.

2.In the case of peak passenger traffic, when waiting for a long time, it is advisable to arrange activities such as rehearsal interaction related to the project content. For projects that frequently queue up for a long time, an appointment service should be provided.

3.It is forbidden to carry items with personal belongings, and the entrance should be equipped with small items storage facilities. Wash basins and seats for visitors with adverse reactions such as vomiting should be provided at the exit of large-scale amusement projects.

4.Introduce the participation rules, operation methods and related precautions to the tourists by the service personnel or by means of film and television broadcast, and persuade and prevent those who do not meet the conditions to participate.

5.During the operation of the amusement project, special personnel should be equipped to carry out on-site management, pay attention to the dynamics of tourists, and if there are serious adverse reactions in the case of tourists, stop running immediately, explain and provide help.

6.Water aquarium project service personnel should report the weather changes at any time, and guide tourists to avoid wind and rain or take other protective measures in case of bad weather.

7.It is advisable to set up an area for visitors to watch and interact with project participants in suitable places around the amusement project.

Aqua playground

  • Literary Performance Service

1.  The performance project should have the cultural connotation and artistry of the theme, with various forms and civilized health.

2.There should be a fixed place for cultural performances, equipped with corresponding performance facilities and audience seats.

3.At the entrance of the audience of various performance venues, there should be introductions and viewing instructions for the performances, and preview the performance time.

4.There should be someone to maintain the order and provide relevant services during the performance.

5.If there are thrilling contents in the performance, you should inform and discourage visitors who are not suitable for viewing.

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