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Water & Theme Park Service Part 3

  • Shopping and catering services

1. Set up shopping and dining venues based on the size of the area and the needs of visitors.

2.Shopping venues should have sufficient space for activities and lighting, and a full range of merchandise display and display facilities.

3.The goods sold shall be clearly marked with price, and a return and exchange mechanism shall be established to provide services such as mailing of goods.

4.Restaurant dining facilities should be clean, smudge-free, non-destructive, and equipped with hygienic and convenient washing facilities.

5.Provide safe and catering food. The variety of food and beverage should be publicized, the actual color, the taste characteristics and so on.

6.The utensils used should be sterilized.

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  • Tour transportation service

1. Equipped with transportation suitable for the size of the area and roads, it provides visitors with a combination of sightseeing and sightseeing services.

2.Service personnel driving and visiting traffic vehicles should abide by traffic regulations and reasonably grasp the speed according to the speed limit sign to ensure the safety of driving and passengers. On the way, visitors should be forecasting the upcoming station name and briefly introduce the site tour content.

3.The means of transportation for tourists to rent by car should have tourist instructions and safety instructions. The service personnel should introduce the driving rules, operation methods and precautions to the participating tourists, and discourage those who do not meet the conditions.
4.Visitors to the transportation service platform should have a special person responsible for maintaining order and setting up public rest facilities that can shelter from the rain.

5.At the relevant service station, the running time, price and driving instructions should be announced, and the line indication map and the scenic spots and projects along the line should be published.

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