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Water & Theme Park Service Part 1

  • Visitor center service

1. The visitor center should be set up in a convenient and attractive location outside the main entrance of the tourist. The area should be adapted to the amount of visitors, and the necessary rest and water supply facilities are available.

2.Display the panoramic tour guide map of the tour area in the eye-catching location of the visitor center, accurately identify the main project attractions, toilets, entrances and exits, infirmary, luggage storage, parking lot, public telephone, catering and shopping places, etc., express consultation, complaints and emergency rescue contact the way.

3.Provide navigation and attractions, projects, events, businesses, services and other information and related promotional materials, should be equipped with multimedia touch screen, electronic display, video playback and other equipment.

4.Provide services for disabled people, baby carriages, umbrella rentals, as well as mobile phone charging, public telephones, medical rescue, postal commemoration, lost items, lost aid and other services.

5.Provide consultation, complaint acceptance and help-seeking services. Service personnel should have simple sign language and at least daily language in both local language and English.

6.Set up a special telephone for external consultation, with a dedicated person, and publicize the phone number and service time.

7.Guided tour, scenery explanation or audio guide equipment rental service. Announce the photos, names, numbers, languages and fees of the tour guides.

8.The content of the tour guide should be scientific and accurate, reflecting the characteristics of the theme culture. When using the portable amplifier, the volume should be controlled without disturbing other tourists.
9.Before guiding the tourists to participate in the amusement project or watching the performance, the tour guide should explain the relevant tourist information to the tourists, help the tourists to prepare for the participation experience if necessary, and discourage those who do not meet the requirements.

  • Ticketing service
1.The ticket office should be set up to facilitate the purchase of tickets by the tourists. It is advisable to set up a team and a ticket sales window with a display screen, a bulletin board, a height gauge, a queue, and a sunshade.
2.The ticket office should publish the fare, preferential policies and ticketing instructions to provide instant information on the operation status.

3.Ticketing services should be fast

4. Tickets should reflect their subject cultural characteristics and be printed with contact information for advice, complaints and emergency response.

5.Tourist entrances should be marked with eye-catching ticket gates and security inspection equipment, and electronic ticket checking should be used.

6.The ticket gate should indicate the tour instructions. The ticket checking service personnel should prompt the tourists to show the tickets and patiently explain the guidance to the tourists who do not meet the entry conditions.

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