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[Good news] Congratulations to our company for another long-term West Africa project during the epidemic


In 2020, the new crown epidemic has impacted the global tourism market. The foreign trade team of Dah Sing Group is not afraid of difficulties and hard work. In the process of contacting customers, it is serious and responsible, and actively and properly solves the problems that may arise in the design and operation management.  The investor recognized and signed this West African Ghana contract.  Our company will uphold the consistent corporate culture and customer tenet to reach a cooperation model of investment planning, planning and design, equipment production and installation, and finally joint operation, to provide customers with the best quality solutions!

This water park project covers an area of about 40,000 square meters, supporting shopping malls, casinos, hotels and other urban complexes. It adopts our unique engineering design technology. The equipment used includes West Africa’s first large horn slide, spiral combined slide, and giant  Animal bowl slides, galloping competition slides, giant loop slides, super water villages, spa products, artificial wave equipment.

Achievement is a milestone on the way forward. The signing of this contract will be a model project for Dah Sing Group in Africa. It also marks a firm step forward for Dah Sing Group in the African tourism market, laying a solid foundation for Dah Sing Group to explore the African market in the future.  basis.
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