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For the public consumers, hot spring = hot soup + scenery + food + accommodation, and many hot spring operators are caught in this kind of thinking, and the products tend to be more and more homogeneous. However, Europe, America, Japan and other countries have already broken through the simple hot spring products and moved towards "hot spring +", not only paying attention to the market demand of segmentation, but also pushing the autumn and winter hot spring tour to the all-season products.

Specialty Hot Springs Model

"Special Hot Springs + Attractions"

This is the mode to win the market by creating unique hot spring bathing scenery. This is the most fundamental mode of hot spring resort development, the scale of such hot spring resorts may not be very large, but to a certain extent is to create modern hot spring culture, create hot spring industry standards, leading the overall development of China's hot spring industry. The key is to use culture to package the theme or highlight the characteristics of natural mountains and rivers and form an experience-type hot spring bathing scenic spot, which mainly includes two types.

1.Boutique hot spring scenic spots for the general public: Imperial Hot Spring and Timu Hot Spring

2. Minority-oriented high-end SPA scenic spots. Take the Bailian SPA in Kunming as an example.

Hot Spring Leisure Park Model

"Spa + Sports Play"

The combination of hot springs and sports and recreation, the core is on the basis of hot spring bathing, through the development of sports and recreation projects that meet the needs of tourists' experience and participation, to enhance the overall attractiveness of hot spring resorts. Water play, skiing, golf and other sports can be combined with hot springs.

In this model, IP creation and local conditions are the key to sustainable profitability and overall quality improvement. The world-famous town of Vichy, France, also known as Vichy, famous for its volcanic hot springs, is a major sporting event and horse racing venue in France, and has more than 80 sports clubs and a wide variety of sports facilities. The town's unique volcanic thermal springs offer the best in recovery and healing, and the town of Vichy has developed a unique ability to tailor its wellness and unique hospitality needs to attract sports enthusiasts from around the world.

Hot Springs Resort Community Model

"Spa + Tourism Real Estate"

Due to the great value of hot springs in health and tourism and leisure, it creates outstanding advantages for real estate development, especially tourism real estate, and can often form great competitiveness in the real estate market with "health and leisure" characteristics, so as to obtain considerable investment returns. Therefore, the "hot springs + tourism real estate" model has become one of the most preferred development models for the vast majority of hot spring resorts in China.

In this operation mode, hot springs are just a gimmick for real estate development, with real estate as the main focus, and tourism is just a concept. Tourism is just a concept, and tourism is only a concept. By investing money in tourism development in the early stage, tourism gathers people, raises awareness, and increases the value of the project plot, which prepares for real estate development. In the future, the development mode of "hot spring + tourism real estate" will still be one of the most important modes for the development of hot spring resorts in the future.

Hot Springs Ecological Estate Model

"Hot Springs + Eco-Farm"

Such model is represented by Beijing Crab Island Resort. According to the model of "hot spring ecological manor", it organically integrates hot spring resources with ecological farm development to achieve dual goals: on the one hand, it gives play to the extended utilization value of hot spring resources, creates greenhouses with geothermal heat, develops high value-added breeding projects and hot spring ecological agriculture projects, and helps promote ecological agriculture from a single product economy to service. The economy is moving forward. On the other hand, the construction of eco-farms effectively improves the recreational environment of hot spring resorts, and can be used as a carrier to create distinctive hot spring bathing places.

Hot Springs Rehabilitation Base Model

"Spa + Rejuvenation"

The core essence that attracts the market is health and wellness, its own attributes of health and relaxation and the special effects of physiotherapy and wellness are being well known and accepted by the public, and the hot springs are integrating resources to become an independent hot spring health resort and leisure industry, and the combined tourism products of hot springs and wellness have become a good interpretation and representative of the health era.

People's demand for health and rehabilitation is getting bigger and bigger, combining hot springs and rehabilitation, giving full play to the role of medicine, life science and health management, combining the application of modern physiotherapy techniques, combining the health value of hot springs with the daily medical checkup, medical treatment, diagnosis, rehabilitation, convalescence, fitness and a series of means of in-depth combination to build a hot spring rehabilitation base, to get huge benefits.

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