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Treasure Island.

No Creativity  No Pool

But if you want to think that infinity pools are the "top idea" of hotel pools, then you are really out of date. In this world, there are many more creative pools waiting to be discovered, to play, to experience, to take pictures.

Park City, Utah, USA

Natural Cave Pool

Ten Thousand Years Natural Deco

Interior view of the cave pool.

It would be an exaggeration to say that the Homestead Crater, the family guesthouse where people swim, is a pool. It's not technically a swimming pool, but rather a natural cave.

The owner of the guesthouse discovered a natural cave near the guesthouse that would be perfect for a swimming pool.

So, this geologically 10,000-year-old cave, called Myeongcheon Cave, became a swimming pool. It has since become a popular tourist attraction.

The Canyon Pool.

Also in Utah, Aman's Amangiri Hotel has a unique "Canyon Pool" that takes advantage of the canyon landscape.

Utah, located in the western part of the United States, is rich in geological resources, especially caves, canyons and rivers. There are many similar cave pools throughout Utah, and the 10,000 year old landscape has become the "natural decor" of the pool.

Panoramic view of the canyon pool.Puebla, Mexico

Pure Water Pool

Giant Aquariums

Aquarium Box Pool.

In Spanish, Puebla means the City of Angels.

As a result, the city is enveloped in a kind of renaissance and emotional emergence.

The Hotel La Purificadora, located in the historic center of Puebla, was once a water purification plant in the 19th century. The pool is characterized by a unique design of pipes and tanks, which gives it a historical dimension.

The swimming pool at La Purificadora is small, with the entire lane measuring only 30 meters long. However, the semi-suspended aquarium design of the pool is quite eye-catching.

In particular, the water quality of the entire pool is comparable to pure water, which makes it even more poetic and picturesque.

Due to its outstanding location, swimming in La Purificadora allows you to enjoy the historical beauty and architecture of the City of Angels while concentrating on playing in a giant aquarium. It's a win-win situation.

Aquarium Pool Exterior.Montegrotto Terme, Italy 42m Deep Water PoolScuba Diving Freediving

42 m underwater pool.

The Hotel Millepinte Mae, Italy, has two swimming pools.

One of them is unassuming and available for guests to use. The other, called Y-40, is amazing because this pool is 42 meters deep.

What does it mean to be 42 meters deep?

The maximum depth for recreational scuba diving is only 40 meters. Beyond 40 meters, one enters the realm of technical diving. The depth of this pool, therefore, exceeds the upper limit for recreational diving.

Y-40 Deep circular hole.

The entire pool consists of several platforms and a circular deep hole. The depths of the platforms are 5 and 10 meters. From 15 meters on, there is a circular "abyss". Only freedivers, who have undergone rigorous training, can dive to the bottom of the pool without any equipment.

In addition, there is a floating glass walkway inside the pool. Visitors can stop and explore.

Above: Y-40 interior floating glass walkway.

BOTTOM: The bottom of the Y-40 pool.

From a practical standpoint, this 42-meter deep pool is not for swimmers, but for those who are advanced scuba divers and freedivers.

Milano, Italy

Aquatic Pools

The Unique Experience of Water on Water

Pool in the Lake.

The Tremezzo Hotel in Milan, adjacent to Lake Como, has its own unique water resources and breathtaking views.

In order to prevent guests from swimming in the wild and to allow them to experience the thrill of swimming in Lake Como, Italian designers used their imagination to create a swimming pool out of thin air.

Unlike modern swimming pools, Tremezzo's pool is immersed in the lake, with all the water filtration systems hidden beneath the water.

Sensorially, the pool is like a fairy tale, appearing out of nowhere in nature. The minimalist design language, but also the "less is more" design philosophy is most vividly embodied.

In the play experience, the open-air swimming pool, and the natural landscape in one. As a result, Tremezzo's pools are unique in both design and aesthetics.

Panoramic view of the pool in the lake.Tanzania Serengeti Africa Up Close Swimming with Wildlife

Pool near water source.

The Four Seasons Serengeti has unparalleled wildlife resources, as the hotel is located in the heart of the Serengeti National Park, a famous wildlife reserve.

In order to build the hotel and preserve the natural landscape, the hotel was built directly near the water source.

As a result, many wild animals gather around the hotel. This gives visitors an opportunity to observe the wildlife.

Wildlife around the hotel.

From the point of view of pool design, the pool at the Four Seasons Serengeti is not unique, everything is modest.

But from the standpoint of the exclusive view and the wildlife, the pool is irreplaceable. Swimming with animals is a new concept in the hotel world. At the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, there is a program to swim with sharks.

The only place in the world where you can swim with sharks and see the wildlife up close is the Four Seasons Serengeti.

Pool Exterior.

Santiago, Chile

1 km extra-long diameter

World's Largest Swimming Pool

Guinness World Records Largest Swimming Pool in the World.

The San Alfonso Resort in Chile has the Guinness Book of Records for the world's largest swimming pool.

For swimmers who like to stretch out over long distances, the 1,013-meter-long pool is more than enough to satisfy their need for distance.

Of course, a pool of this size is not just for swimming. On a larger scale, it is a great place for surfing and sailing.

Throughout the pool, natural seawater is used. The water is filtered and heated before it is poured into the pool. If you round up the number of people who have been in the pool, you can swim across the Pacific Ocean.

From above, the pool looks like a colored diamond set in the Pacific Ocean.

When people come here, their first reaction is amazement. With 250 million liters of water, it's 100 times the size of an Olympic-sized pool.

Montana, Switzerland Snowy Mountain Companion Alps

A heated pool in the snow.

If you want to take a dip in the snow, you can do it anywhere in the world where there are geothermal resources.

But if you want to take a heated swim in the snow, then the Le Clance Spa Hotel in Switzerland is the place to go.

Especially in winter, when the entire mountain range is covered with snow, this small "sanctuary" is warm and pleasant, a view that cannot be found elsewhere.

The entire hotel is small and compact, with only ten or so rooms, all decorated in the chalet style. Moreover, each room has a theme.

The swimming pool, located in front of the main entrance, is the most important part of the hotel. Surrounded by mountains, the pool is surrounded by snow-capped water.

On a clear day, you can see the entire Alps - even Mont Blanc - directly from the pool.

Exterior view of heated pool.New South Wales, Australia Wave Pouring Pool Quasi-open waters

An "isolated pool" on the ocean.

The Bondi Iceberg Club, located at the southern end of Bondi Beach in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, has a pool that is unique in the world.

Technically, it is not a pool, but an "isolated pool". The entire pool is open and built directly over the ocean.

At high tide, the water from the ocean pours directly into the pool. Outside the big waves, which is a small wave of the spectacle, here is a commonplace.

Because of this, the pool is much favored by open water players, after all, swimming in the pool, safety than directly into the sea, much higher. The design concept of semi-open water retains the fun of "wild swimming".

The pool at the Bondi Iceberg Club is much more professional than the landscaped pools in hotels.

The swim club was founded in 1929 and has a rigorous qualification process for membership. Each member is required to swim three times in a four-week period in order to retain their membership.

It is worth mentioning that the pool, which is broadcast live on the Internet throughout the year, is recommended for those who want to watch the spectacle of seawater pouring in.(https://icebergs.com.au/swimming-pool/pool-sauna/)

Laga, Maldives

New Generation Net Pools

Radiant Light Effect

Panoramic infinity pool.

Jewel Island is a new island in the Maldives in 2019, and as such is very advanced and "net-worthy" in terms of hotel design and pool planning.

This is especially true of the Raa Atoll Resort on Jewel Island, which is located in a pristine lagoon surrounded by white sandy beaches.

The resort's panoramic infinity pool is the highlight of the park.

Although it looks uneventful during the day, at night, the starlit Maldives combined with the lighting effects inside the pool, the ritual of the walk-in pool, transforms the entire pool into the hottest net.

People are here, not to swim, but to escape the 996. And that's why this dreamy scene is so endlessly desirable.

Evening Pool Effect.

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