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What should I pay attention to when creating a constant temperature water park


As the post-85s and post-90s crowds have gradually become the main force of maternal and infant consumption, mothers’consumption concepts in the new era have been completely upgraded. They pay attention to quality, experience, interaction, and entertainment. Simple water play has been satisfied. If they can’t meet their needs, how to make family members play in the water with peace of mind, play tricks, and play wisdom is more of their concern. The constant temperature water park can also be subdivided into an indoor constant temperature parent-child water park, which combines children's playground and water projects to meet the nature of children's love of water and love. It is an exclusive playground for children. On the basis of the professionalism of water depth to meet the safety of children, the interior decoration and colors must meet the age characteristics of children, supplemented by various fun and exciting parent-child projects.

The constant temperature water park can be used as a subdivision product of the water park's quality and multi-season operation. For example, if it works hard on quality, multi-function and thematic features, it will be welcomed by family-oriented tourists. , Health and other elements can also attract younger tourists.

The constant temperature water park must pay great attention to investment volume, water park equipment selection, location selection and energy consumption of later operations. In terms of "software investment", especially the initial investment planning, overall water park planning and design, and specialization Product construction, professional team involvement and other aspects must be worked hard, and taboo buying equipment and civil engineering are the only tasks to create a constant temperature water park.

In terms of safety, the constant temperature water park should first start from the initial planning and design. In light of international experience, professional operation teams and safety professionals should be involved as soon as possible to avoid its facilities and facilities, tourist lines, service lines, and the whole. Contradictions in passenger capacity. In addition, the park should introduce a professional safety management system, strengthen the daily training mechanism, implement the relevant management system responsible persons, and achieve seamless connection and closed-loop control.

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