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/Under COVID-19, how will the water park that is about to enter the peak season respond?

Under COVID-19, how will the water park that is about to enter the peak season respond?


The park establishes various anti-epidemic safety measures

First, let tourists feel that the park attaches great importance to epidemic prevention and safety during the entire process of playing in the water park, so that tourists can rest assured that the experience is as follows:

(1) Reduce queuing for ticket purchase, try to use online ticket purchase and electronic ticket inspection to enter the park;

(2) Limit the number of people who can enter the park at the same time, and limit the number of people who can play in the wave pool, water playground, children's pool, Lazy River and other facilities where the crowd is dense;

(3) Set body temperature measurement and disinfection in the park and into a certain play area;

(4) Strengthen the health announcement and health image of the staff, such as wearing an employee health card, it is recommended to wear green work clothes, etc.;

(5) When playing a single device, replace the queued play style with the registered call form, which not only improves the play experience but is also safer and healthier;

(6) Water quality assurance and real-time monitoring and publicity, in cooperation with professional and authoritative water quality testing agencies, publicize the real-time status of water quality online and on site to reduce the psychological impact caused by water quality problems;

(7) Add some interesting disinfection facilities, such as induction spray disinfection, landscape fun wash basin, disinfection foot bath or body disinfection pool, etc.;

(8) Add some interesting facilities related to health or improve immunity, such as SPA facilities, whirlpool, Chinese medicine bubble pool, etc.;

(9) Equipped with a small number of on-site health doctors and commonly used medical supplies, so that tourists can play with more peace of mind;

(10) Other methods that allow tourists to eliminate their doubts about safety and health issues.

Publicize the security measures for epidemic prevention in the park

The above measures are not enough, but they must be advertised, especially in front of the site and scenic area gates, websites, etc., to carry out extensive publicity, paste safety signs, warm reminders, etc., to create a safe atmosphere for epidemic prevention, Let tourists get recognition from the heart. Even in the early stage of publicity and promotion, relevant security and epidemic prevention announcements are required on various platforms to make tourists and their families feel safe and secure when they come to play.

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