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How to build a successful water park 3


Classification of water parks:

1. Classified by form:

(1) Outdoor water park Most of the domestic water parks are outdoor water parks. The general operation period is from June to August in the summer and the south part can operate for six months (from the end of April to October).

(2) Indoor water parkIndoor water parks are generally in commercial complexes and generally operate year-round, but the operating costs in winter are high and the actual market demand is small, resulting in many indoor water parks being closed in winter or converted into parent-child parks.

(3) Integrated water park - outdoor + indoor, land + waterThe comprehensive water park refers to both outdoor and indoor parts, and some are land parks and water parks, including water parks such as the Fonte and Happy Valley series of water parks.

(4) Hot spring water park - water park combined with hot spring The hot spring water park is a cross-border water park that combines water parks and hot springs in recent years. Using the characteristics of hot springs and the characteristics of water parks, these two different seasons and different forms of water parks are combined. It can solve the problem of idle winter in the outdoor water park and solve the problem of no business in the hot spring. This new attempt has yet to be tested by the market.

2, according to consumption patterns

(1) Urban leisure and entertainmentThe urban recreational water park generally refers to the city, and the main consumer group is the local residents, which belongs to the city supporting the local residents for leisure and entertainment services.

(2) Travel vacation typeTourism and holiday water parks generally have a certain distance from major cities, and most consumers have accommodation needs. According to the characteristics of its projects, it is divided into hot spring resort type, coastal resort type, and tourism destination type.

Why do you have to figure out which water park to build when planning? It depends on the future selection of facilities, equipment selection and related supporting facilities for the water park. The target market covered by the water park determines the scale of the water park. In a city with a population of 10 million, you can build a large or super large water park (covering more than 200 acres), while the water in the fourth and fifth tier cities It is more appropriate to recommend a scale of 60-120 mu. Of course, indoor water parks are not in this category.

4 ,Is there a professional team?Creating a successful water park must be inseparable from a professional talent team. Many water park investors are cross-border and have no operational experience in this area. From project planning and positioning, planning and design, construction and construction, operation preparation, marketing, and opening operations, all need to have a professional team to check, professional talent team can minimize investment risks and increase the possibility of successful project operation. .

Where does the professional operations team come from? There are generally two ways. One is that investors set up their own management team. From the perspective of long-term development, investors are advised to set up a management team. Self-organizing the management team must hire people with rich management experience in the industry. The main management must be those who have more than 3 years experience in water park operation and management.

The second is to hire professional operation consultants. There are more companies and companies like this, but you must choose the companies and teams with experienced experience and success stories in this industry. Successful operation and lay a good foundation.

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