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Shenzhen Guanlan Ecological Water Park


Brief information
Project name: Shenzhen Guanlan Ecological Water Park
Size: 20000
Location: Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
Finished year: 2013.06.15


Designed and built by Daxin water park, Shenzhen Guanlan Ecological Water Park is the largest and highest-grade large-scale ecological water park in Shenzhen. The project is located in Shenzhen Guanlan Shanshui Rural Tourism Culture Park with a total investment of 200 million yuan and covers an area of over 20,000. Square meters. Beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery, it is the first super large water park in Shenzhen. Introducing many of the world's top water recreation facilities, setting up a variety of water slides and water activities, offering rides for visitors of all ages. Including the super big horn slide that won the International Gold Award for “Best New Project Award”, the thrilling “Rainbow Slide”, the popular sky-swirling, large tsunami pool, high-speed slide, leather raft slide, giant flood gorge river Water projects such as Happy Water Village, Family Wide Slide, Children's Water Village, and Swimming Pool. The super tsunami wave pool with a wave height of 2 meters allows people to enjoy the infinite pleasure when the spray is strong.


The construction of the project has changed the current situation of tourism resources in the whole scenic spot. It combines the existing facilities and service facilities of the park to form a multi-line tourism resource integrating leisure, vacation, conference, hot spring and entertainment. Leisure fun, fill the gap in the Shenzhen youth water sports program. Water and land fun carnival, parent-child entertainment experience, ecological sightseeing and leisure, let people say goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the city, and open a wonderful midsummer and cool journey.


The project adopts the design and construction by team of Daxin water park. The facilities and equipment are professionally licensed by the China government. At the same time, professional life-saving equipment is equipped, and a professional life-saving and medical team is formed. At the same time of introducing large-scale water projects, the original water treatment system has been upgraded in all directions. The international advanced water treatment system will provide visitors with safe and clean water recreation environment and humanized, first-class water amusement products. And services, let more families and children experience the pleasure of water.

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