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Guangzhou Dahema Water Park

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Project name: Guangzhou Dahema Water Park
Size: 30000㎡
Location: Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
Finished year: 2013.05.05

Guangzhou Dahema Water Park is located in the Nanhu National Tourism Resort in Baiyun Mountain. It is a novelty and fun place in Guangzhou. It is also the first water amusement park in China with international standards. Here, the sun is shining all year round, the birds are fragrant, the eyes are green, the mountains are green, and the blue water white pool and the modern water facilities in the Big Hippo Water World Park are in harmony, forming a unique scene of harmony and coherence.
Baiyun Mountain Nanhu National Tourism Resort. The specific address is next to Datun Village, Tonghe Town, Baiyun District (behind the mountain of Swanjing Village in North of Guangzhou Avenue). You can take the bus from the railway station to Nanhu, or take a bus to Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Factory and walk in.
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