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Why should the theme element be added to the water park?


Why should the theme element be added to the water park?

With the rapid development of tourism economy, people's requirements and expectations for tourism products are getting higher and higher, and cultural creativity is becoming more and more important. Pure water park equipment stacking can no longer meet the more experience needs of tourists. The future water park Competition will be the competition of theme culture.

In tourism planning and design, the main point is the theme element of the water park. The editor has repeatedly emphasized that a water park cannot be without theme elements. No matter how beautiful you design an amusement area without the theme elements, there is no connotation at all. For today's amusement attractions, the homogeneity of entertainment equipment is serious. If you lack the unique local theme elements, it will be exactly the same as the water parks on the market. Who are the tourists who can impress the attractions?

After clarifying the theme elements, it is necessary to make overall planning for the integrated water park project, including the water park market survey report, various functional areas of the water park, water park product planning, entertainment projects, water park planning budget, etc., to grasp the integrated water park The planning progress of the park project can enable its tourism planning project to be completed smoothly and orderly.

The added theme elements can be displayed in various water park equipment or event venues through games, real scenes, animation, stage and other properties, and show the three-dimensional and contemporary amusement activities. In this way, tourists experience not so much cold water amusement equipment, but mysterious or story-like adventure activities, so that visitors can reflect some of the differences from other water park equipment, that's the charm of theming.

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