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Water park equipment manufacturers selection guide


Water park equipment manufacturers selection guide

Water park equipment manufacturer selection guide In the hot summer, the water park is a good place for people to relax, cool off and keep fit. The water park equipment in the park has many advantages such as novelty, excitement, fun and strong. The water park brings huge traffic.

Therefore, in summer, water parks all over the country pop up like mushrooms. Of course, not all water parks are full, and there are quite a few parks, which can be said to be Monkroches. The most direct reason for this situation is nothing more than the core of the water park-water park equipment is not purchased well.

The reason is found out, so how should I buy water park equipment? Here, we tell you that instead of worrying about how to buy a water park, it is better to find a water park equipment manufacturer to let the equipment manufacturer install your budget to design and design a custom water park equipment. The following are some notes on how to choose a water park equipment manufacturer for the reference of investors in the water park.

1. The two major certificates of water park equipment manufacturers are: "Special Equipment Production License" and "Special Equipment Installation, Transformation, and Maintenance License." The acceptance, approval and issuance of all special equipment's qualification licenses are implemented by provincial quality and technical supervision departments, which are strictly in accordance with national laws and regulations. Many small-scale manufacturers do not have these qualifications, and there are great risks and hidden dangers. It will also bring a lot of unnecessary trouble to the later stage. When choosing an equipment manufacturer for water parks, investors should keep their eyes open and carefully check whether they have production qualifications.

2. Strong manufacturers have several things in common: many customer cases, wide customer areas, and long production and sales history. Therefore, when choosing a manufacturer, it is best to choose this type of manufacturer. After all, these manufacturers have accumulated rich experience in water park operation and management. The project planning plan, at the same time assist customers to expand a variety of profit points and improve the overall competitiveness of the project.

3. Raw materials are the first element of the safety of water park products, by safe process structure design. Qualified water park equipment manufacturers must have a special process structure design department responsible for the product process structure design to ensure the safety of product use and the realization of the process structure.

4. Purchasing water park equipment is only the first step. It is also necessary for the manufacturer to send professional technical personnel to visit the installation site for installation guidance and commissioning. There are regular inspections of after-sales service personnel in the entire water park operation. Maintenance) to better extend the life of the product. When choosing a manufacturer, choose a manufacturer with a perfect after-sales service system.

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