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How to plan and design a water park?


How to plan and design a water park?

Water park operation is a very detailed project. As we all know, the water park is one of the most important amusement projects. Many water amusement facilities are set up according to the theme of water play.

The location of the water park is closely related to traffic conditions and weather conditions. "The accessibility of tourists to the water park-including self-driving routes, urban public transportation (bus, subway, etc.), intercity transportation, etc., whether the transportation is convenient will directly affect the number of people entering the water park. The climate also affects the operation of the water park One of the important factors.

When planning and designing the water park, the meteorological conditions of the project site must be considered. Meteorological conditions determine the operating time of the water park, whether it has the conditions to open the night market, whether it should be built outdoor or indoor water park, or both. Indoor water parks can address the climate's impact on the park, but investments are much larger than outdoor water parks. Therefore, it is particularly important to balance the ratio between indoor water parks and outdoor water parks, which will greatly affect the comfort of tourists and the investment costs of owners. Then these planning and design points are important when planning and designing water parks:

#Planning and design of different functional areas

Generally speaking, the passenger flow in the water park park is concentrated in the middle of the park, because there are many water recreation facilities in this area, more young people and couples play in the area, but there are still some elderly people and women in the park with children. On the one hand, this part of the tourists are not as physically and energetic as young people. On the other hand, they are not very convenient to enter the water, so the children's pool should be distinguished from the center play area and appropriate space should be reserved.

#Safety operation planning and design

Safety is the top priority of the operation of the water park. If an accident occurs, it will affect the normal operation of the park for a long time. Investors must pay sufficient attention to this issue. All safety risks must be ruled out. Check to ensure that there are no accidents during the operation period. Especially in the three months of June, July, and August each year, it is the peak period of tourists, and accidents are most likely to occur. Therefore, when planning and designing the park, special attention should be paid to the setting of rescue channels.

#Planning and design of service facilities

The shower room needs to have a door or a curtain to fully protect the privacy of the visitor and avoid embarrassment. The comfort of the visitor experience is the most important factor in determining whether he repeats consumption.

#Planning and design of the food court

The food area must be considered in the planning and design of the water park, and the number can be distributed at multiple points and the range should be as wide as possible for tourists to buy and eat. The food area is also a rest area. There should be enough rest facilities and conditions are sufficient. At the same time, inflatable lounge chairs can also be configured. At the same time, the management of food waste must be considered. Each point should have a trash can and be cleaned in time to maintain regional sanitation and ensure that this area cannot pollute the scenic water body.

#Planning and design of park landmarks

It is necessary to design and design other landmarks in the park to guide the highest point of the park.  General in the end:

In the planning and design, we cannot simply consider the basic planning of the tourist line and the combination of equipment, but also start from the daily operation needs of the water park, and run through the park's operating characteristics, dining habits, rental needs, performance characteristics, and tourist safety. In the entire planning and design of the park, in this way, the theme, entertainment, and immersive scene of the water park can be done well, and the tourist attraction and long-term operation can be realized.

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