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How to build a successful water park 1


Several questions about investing in a water park

How to build a successful water park? This is a very concern for every water park investor! In fact, from our analysis of the current status of China's water parks, many water park investors have missing or blind spots in the early stage planning. Generally speaking, when investing in a water park, we may need to pay attention to the following questions. Investors must ask questions:

1. Why build a water park?

What was the original intention of investing in a water park? When investors decide to build a water park in a place, they must ask themselves this question and get a clear answer!

(1) Market demand

The location of the project site selection, is there a market demand for water parks? If there is no market demand to build such a water park, it is not likely to be successful.

(2) Cultural travel cuts

From the reality, many companies invest in water parks. The big reason is that in addition to market demand, the other is the literary travel. This is policy-oriented. Local governments will increase their investment in the CIT sector, including when they invest in enterprises, they will have the appeal of the CJB project, and the water park is the best way for the CTS to cut through the water. Compared with other cultural tourism projects, the park has its own unique characteristics: relatively small investment, relatively short construction period, low operating costs, and short-term gathering of people. These characteristics of the water park determine that the first thing that many companies enter today is the Jianshui Park.

(3) Real estate support Many domestic water parks are developed and built by real estate companies for real estate projects. Many investors do not care whether this water park is profitable or not. The profit point is still in the real estate. In recent years, local governments have had the requirements for supporting cultural tourism projects when land is sold. This has made real estate enterprises have to do cultural tourism projects. Water parks are the best choice for real estate facilities. (4) Wow! The water park is so hot!Many private enterprises and private bosses were not originally engaged in the tourism industry or the amusement industry. They just saw or heard that the water park was popular in the summer, and the water park was so hot that it would blindly follow the trend and also be a water park. This comparison Blind choices may create investment risks.Is the project site suitable for building a water park?
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