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Waterpark IP design and landscape functional theme packaging


Waterpark IP design and landscape functional theme packaging

Summary:The themed water park era was dominated by situational feelings, mainly by the introduction of themes by adding packaging to the water park equipment. Since the theme is to be introduced, it is important to determine what the IP of the theme is, because the success of the theme water park has a lot to do with the selected IP.

Waterpark IP Design

01 emotionally

IP is an important means to connect with visitors emotionally, and the emotional value of IP is its core value, which is reflected in its ability to gather powder and effectively mobilize the emotions of all fans. Therefore, when applied to themed water parks, it must become an important means of emotional connection between the relevant visitors and the water park.


In fact most of the water parks have very ordinary equipment and most of the visitors have played at other water parks. After all, the water park equipment can not be updated every year, the equipment on the market pull cycle is only half a year or so, after half a year for the market pull effect is not very obvious, if only by water park equipment pull, operators will be overwhelmed.

This is when the benefits of IP come through, the IP application is not the same, the experience of the water park equipment is not the same, which sets your themed water park apart from others, which firmly captures the relevant visitors.

02 marketing

IP is a powerful tool for marketing. How is this phrase understood? It should be interpreted this way: it brings one into the story before one has even reached paradise. Seeing that in some of the top international water parks, visitors come in wearing clothes associated with this water park IP before they even enter the water park shows that the visitor's heart and emotions are already connected to the water park before he even enters the water park, which is the emotional basis of marketing.

Studies have shown that the recall of ads with IP is 80%, and the recall of ads without IP is 20%-25%. On average, IP can drive sales by 20-30%, and a good IP can drive 70%-100%.

IP is also an important tool to increase secondary consumption. In fact, when the economy has reached a certain level of development, functional consumption based on value for money has become secondary, while fun consumption based on spiritual enjoyment has become mainstream. The former is concerned with price/performance ratio, the latter is concerned with spiritual enjoyment, and IP is precisely the important content of spiritual enjoyment.

03 Content.

IP is a great source of content ideas for water parks. With IP, there's a soulful mainline to running a water park. The water park's themes, performances, activities, and services are then a source of creativity. This main line connects the various elements of the park together and connects with the heart of the visitor.

Waterpark themed packaging

The scenes built by physical entities such as landscape and characters are the core of the experience, and through scene reproduction and character building as the main IP building method, every element of the water park, including humanistic architecture, amusement equipment, entertainment performances, food and beverage shopping, ecological landscape, are reproduced to create a surreal theme amusement experience, from material to color, from image to special effects, from landscape to characters.

With virtual characters or stories as the brand IP, the story ignores the boundaries of time and space and tells the storyline from a staggered and jumping perspective, making the storyline surprising. For example, Sanya Fantasy Waterpark cleverly gives the theme of "water", "jungle" and "mountain top" to the three areas of the park by compiling the legendary story of the phoenix and the three princesses.


The theme for the first phase of Hengdian Film and Video City's Fantasy Valley Water Park is based on the Mummy series of films, which uses the water-related plot of the film, the landscape function of the water park and the experience of the water park equipment to make the water park have a mysterious and attractive theme culture.

In addition, the second phase of Hengdian Film and Television City's Dream Valley Water Park is themed on "The Story of a Thousand and One Nights", which integrates into marine culture. A small children's pool is also set up with corals, jellyfish, mermaids and other water-spraying sketches based on the story of the "Shipwreck of the Sinbad".

Characters are added to the story line to bring the theme of the waterpark to life, with staff members dressed as scene characters, wandering aimlessly around the equipment, or bringing a variety of activities to the table.

As the competition between water parks is becoming more and more intense, the role played by the theme packaging is also more and more obvious, a successful theme packaging has the ability to content and personality attributes, more connection and temperature sense, thus triggering emotional resonance of visitors, enhance emotional touch and user loyalty.

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