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Operation management methods are ten thousand, the first one is safety management! Safety management in operations management is essential! It is hereby appealed to every water park practitioner and investor to pay high attention to the operation safety management of the water park.

Waterpark common safety category:

1. Personal safety, mainly refers to the physical injury of tourists during the play;

2. The water quality is good, water is the soul of the water park, water quality and sanitation is directly related to the health and play experience of tourists;

3. Property security refers to the safety of tourists' property;

4. Food safety refers to the safety of food and beverage provided by water parks to tourists;

5. Fire safety refers to how to avoid fire accidents;

6. Order security, mainly refers to the control of the order of tourists in all aspects of the water park during the peak period of tourists, to avoid the safety problem caused by the disorder;

7. Equipment safety refers to the safe operation of various amusement equipment.

Common personal safety accidents and prevention methods in water parks:

First, Drowning.

Surabaya is a serious safety accident in the water park. If it is not discovered and rescued in time, it will lead to the death of tourists!


1. Equipped with sufficient lifeguards in key water area (wave pools, drifting rivers, etc.);

2. Strengthen safety training for lifeguards and life-saving skills training;

3. Equipped with corresponding life-saving equipment (such as oxygen cylinders, automatic defibrillators, etc.);

4. During the business period, all pools in the park shall arrange for employees to conduct safety supervision;

5. Conduct regular simulation exercises;

Second, the bruise

Tourists who go to the water park are dressed in swimwear, and most of the body is exposed, without the protection of the clothes, it is easy to be scratched during the play;


1. Eliminate safety hazards. All places in the park that may be in contact with the visitors, including railings, handrails, columns, steps, seats, slide surfaces, floor coverings, landscape packaging, etc., must not have sharp protrusions, cracks, burrs, etc;

2. Check at any time and rectify in time;

Third, falls

Falling is the most common safety accident in water parks. It is determined by the characteristics of the water park. The wet and slippery of the water park grounds, coupled with the lack of self-protection awareness of tourists during the play, especially the children are slippery. It is most likely to cause a fall when running on the ground;

Some tourists who enter the water park wearing slippers can also cause falls, especially wearing disposable cloth slippers arranged in the hotel, which is very slippery after being wet, it is easy to cause a fall accident;


1. Anti-slip treatment on the ground (such as laying anti-slip mats, etc.);

2. Set a non-slip safety warning sign;

3. Conduct a safety broadcast to visitors;

4. Arrange for employees to control in key areas when necessary;

5. Prompt and dissuade the inappropriate wearing of tourists;

Fourth, floating overturn

Floating rafts refer to the sliding mats, floating rings, and floating rafts (multiple people) used by tourists in the water park. Due to various reasons, including the incorrect tourists' sliding posture, the center of tourists' weight is not reasonable, and the tourists are nervous or afraid during the play. then loose the floating handle, the safety defects of the water equipment design and other factors cause a safety accident that occurs due to overturning;


1. Carry out safety inspections on the floating rafts used to ensure safe use;

2. Use the voice, picture, text and video to inform the tourists about the correct sliding posture;

3. The employee conducts Repeatedly try sliding to ensure the safety of sliding;

1.Daily facility safety inspection system

The facility equipment safety inspection focuses on:

1. Operational status of facilities and equipment

2. The structural stability of the facility equipment

3. Water flow rate and flow rate status

2. Supervision mechanism

1. Establish a water park safety committee

Discuss, analyze, inspect, and supervise the implementation of various company security systems and the handling of security incidents.

2. Establish "Safety Supervision Office"

Carry out system inspections and spot checks on branch offices;

Supervise the implementation of safety rectification measures;

Organize various branches to conduct cross-checking and mutual supervision.

3. "Event / Accident Investigation Report"

Any incident/accident must be filled in by the person in charge of the local department within 36 hours, the signature of research team including vice-general manager, Director of Operations, and the person in charge of the local department is necessary. Send it to the Group Supervision Office within 48 hours.

3. Lifeguard system

1. Establish long-term relationships with institutions that have a wealth of professional lifeguard resources.

2. A sufficient number of certified lifeguards must be provided during the peak summer vacation period.

3. Lifeguards in the park closed period: sign a long-term labor contract with the lifeguard. At the end of the business season, the full-time salary of the lifeguard of the official employee is retained.

4. Operation monitoring center

1. Record the operation status;

2. Emergency assistance processing and on-site evidence records;

3. Timely control and staff mobilization;

4. Timely mistakes remind and redress;

5. Severe weather warning.

5. Introduce external safety assessments and higher levels of water life management.

1. Hire a world-class third-party amusement safety consultant US ESS to conduct a safety assessment of Chime long;

2. Provide more than one different foreign standard and focus on the point of view;

3. A more comprehensive understanding of the company's security situation, to avoid security regardless;

4. Introduce the world's first-class water life management management concepts and experience;

5. Introduce “E&A” company to conduct water lifesaving training and lifesaving audit for water parks.


6. Improvement of safety measures for water amusement facilities.

1. Status confirmation measures during the operation of the water amusement equipment.

2. One of the major differences between most water amusement equipment operations and action games is that the departure of tourists/floating is determined by the operator of the equipment platform.

3. When the operator repeats the same operation, the most likely thing to happen is that the collision event caused by the misjudgment of operator.

4. Accurately judging about the condition of the slide and the sinking tank becomes an important task for the safe operation of the facility.

In order to help the operator to accurately judge the running status and safety interval confirmation of the batch visitors, we will proceed in the following ways:

A: Confirm the flag and confirm that the tourists safely arrives at the sink.

B: Platform monitoring, through the real-time screen on the departure platform, directly observe the situation of the sink.

C: The signal light,  sense the signal of the visitor\floating into the pipeline through the sensor, the signal light turn to red, reminding the operator on the fall pool that the visitor has slipped. The sensor is also used to sense the visitor's raft to enter the safe compartment, reminding the platform operator that the latter group of tourists can enter the starting state.

By confirming the state of the passenger's decline and the safety interval through the above three methods, the operator can effectively help the operator to avoid judging error and thus the collision interval is too short or the collision event that is not found in the chute is timely found.

7. Renovation during the closed period

1. Collect safety information during operation

2. Rectify and reform during closed period.

Safe working is needed all the time. The water park without safety accidents started from the equipment selection. Guangdong Daxin water park took the lead in introducing the US five-axis CNC technology into the mold manufacturing industry, which greatly improved the precision, smoothness and safety of the equipment,. The quality of the products was much better than traditional manual molds.

Let every visitor have fun and play safely. It is the mission of every water park practitioner. Only by always being vigilant, shouldering corporate responsibility, and constantly learning and implementing advanced safety management methods can protect the tourists’ personalities. Create a safe and happy water park.

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