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There are Seven Things You Have to Know When Building the Water Park

There are Seven Things You Have to Know When Building the Water Park

1. Water Park Location

First, the location and size of the water park is determined by the local traffic, traffic conditions, the level of consumption and their own business team, must not be a simply imitate.The best choice in the location with the convenient traffic,large traffic and convenient transportation.As for the size of the water park, this should be based on local traffic, the level of consumption as well as their own business team.

In the northern city, the peak consumption is mainly in June, July, August three months.There are two reasons why focus on these three months, first, because these three months with the highest summer temperatures, the water park project can not only provide consumers with the ability to play, but also play a cooling effect,Second is because the outdoor water park consumer groups is children,these three months is in the summer, the children have time to play, and parents are willing to accompany.

2. Water Park Planning

In the construction of water parks,it should invited the water park equipment manufacturer to make some plan,then according to the actual, reasonable allocate the water park equipment.In the construction of water parks must be sufficient to provide visitors have the area for rest, the area of commercial meals, landscaping supporting areas;After two or three years of operation, the water park must have a new water park equipment to support its sustainable development.

3.Water Park Equipment Selection

In recent years,the water park equipment configuration have a great change, physical contact slide is less and less, more and more inclined to the form of large composite water slide combination.At the same time, water park equipment should consider the family consumer groups,configure more amusement facilities both for young people and old people ,avoid device stack,and leave full space for the second development.Hope to have a new breakthrough,Such as the allocated water amusement equipment which can be year-round operated,and the equipment which is combined with marine or terrestrial equipment.

4. Water Park Design

Water park design must ensure the integrity and accuracy.One of the biggest differences between water parks and other theme parks is that the systems and equipment that the normal operation of water rides are hidden underground.The design must take full account of the entire park network system, water supply and drainage system,the equipment with the water supply control system, water treatment system,the design of each room, the design of each sink, the basic coordinate dimensions of the equipment, every location should be clear.Please do not design and construct at the same time or design and modify at the same time.And there should be no missing items.Reasonable allocation of tourist routes, sets shopping, dining, rest, public facilities.

5. Water Park Facilities

Many water park investors keen to buy foreign equipment.And willing to pay big bucks to purchase imported Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastics slide.But do not pay enough attention to ensure the normal operation of the equipment facilities:Choose the low price production manufacturers to support Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastics slide steel structure without experience, cant understand the digest and transformation equipment supplier drawings,cant guarantee the Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastics slide good connected with steel structure.The mechanical and electrical products used in the water supply system are of poor quality and can not provide stable and sufficient water;The engine room is not ventilated, does not discharge the sewage, does not make the waterproof and so on.Do not have enough money to guarantee normal use of imported equipment, there is no need to spend money to buy imported Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastics slide.

6. Water Park Safety

After the design of the water park equipment identification, type test and inspection and acceptance, according to the instructions for the correct use of the operation, the probability of accidents is minimal.But in the construction process does not pay attention to detail, is the biggest reason that the water park tourists were injured in accidents,the most common thing is the ineffective anti-skid measures, slipping is the largest water park accident; Secondly, scratch accident, bump corners, gaps are the hidden trouble to the tourists. Therefore, in the construction process in the the water park where visitors may contact, we must seriously deal with, to ensure the safety of tourists.

7. Comply With Civil Code

The water park pool, room trench, equipment foundation and others in the construction process must comply with the civil code requirements, not to rush deadlines with illegal operation.At present, the water park disputes a number of issues: What is the best material for making water pool and pool bottom? What is the most  anti-skidding road materials on water park?Civil engineering quality is not guaranteed,all material are useless.Foundation sinking, water pipe rupture, the pool surface decoration abscission are caused due to rush deadlines, must respect the scientific and standard construction implementation.

8. Emphasis On Water Purification

At present, most of the water quality of domestic water park in the peak season for tourists , gradually become cloudy, sometimes even become dirty, pungent.Some investors in order to improve water quality, imported good filtration equipment from abroad, but the effect is not ideal.Water treatment is made up of the system of cycle-- purification--filtration, disinfection--monitoring and so on.It is impossible to ensure that the water quality is qualified only by importing the purification filtration equipment without a reasonable system design.

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