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September 14, 2020  - The first phase of Polish Land, which includes Europe's largest indoor water park "Suntago Water World", is now open. The project is located in Wręcza, near the town of Mszczonów, less than an hour's drive from the capital Warsaw. The entire park will be built on 190 acres of land, with the addition of a theme park, hotel, shopping center and convention space. Developers Global City Holdings and wundgroup announced that once completed, it will be the second largest entertainment complex in Europe.

Currently, Suntago Waterworld is an astonishing 67,000 square meter water park, capable of providing heat for 10,000 people 365 days a year. The hotel has 18 swimming pools, accompanied by a total area of 3,500 square meters with 32 water slides with a total length of 3.2 kilometers (including the longest in Europe: 320 meters), 10 saunas and a luxury spa, as well as a 40,000 square meter "tropical" garden with more than 700 palm trees! and various other plants, imported from Malaysia, Florida, and Costa Rica, respectively.

For a further tropical experience, the park maintains a tropical temperature of 32°C (89°F) and offers three different experiences: Jamango, a water park, and a sauna.


Suitable for all ages

The Suntago sauna and sauna room are only open to guests over 16 years of age. The relaxation area has a heated pool, a pool bar and a tropical garden surrounded by 700 imported palm trees. Semi-submersible revolving doors lead from the main pool to the outdoor area, where guests can take a relaxing dip in the spa and breathe in the cool Polish air. Separate rooms are stocked with bathtubs of Dead Sea salts, potassium, sulfur, and other healing minerals. With these luxurious amenities, SUNTAGO is sure to live up to your expectations!

The saunas are equipped with more sunbeds and saunas, steam rooms and Internet areas, with temperatures and humidity ranging from -12 degrees Celsius in "Mont Blanc" to 95 degrees Celsius in "Valhall". In the sauna, you can find a series of suites, famous for the "Egyptian Village", whose walls are decorated with carefully collected, "ancient" handmade ornaments. Next to it is the "Korean Lounge" and the "Maldivian Beach Sauna," which create an unforgettable atmosphere of cultural and regional surroundings. The park also features a spa, where guests can indulge in state-of-the-art beauty treatments and massages.

The third area is the Jamango Water Park, which is primarily an area for families to have fun together. It has various swimming pools, a "lazy river", wave pools with retractable roofs, an artificial surf park, and water slides. The longest one crosses the lobby of the park and drops five times to the ground.



Jamngo is the "center of luxury" and features more than a dozen of signature products. Colorful waterslides are interspersed throughout the site's lush tropical plant and orchid landscaping, including.

Windigo. Large Octopus

Guests are seated in an enclosed chute and enter a geometric bend side by side, with multiple parallel racetracks formed.

The Multisurf. Rainbow Slides

People use sliding mats to race each other on 2-6 parallel slides.

Looping Rocket.

The slide has a unique "launch pod". Passengers depart from 73 feet in the air through a trap door and travel at high speed through a horizontal 360 degree closed loop of the river.

The Space Hole.

The Space Cave is one of the fastest slides in the world. The closed tube is combined with a huge, open bowl that the visitor spins through centrifugal force until it exits.

Wide Slide.

The wide-body slide provides a smoother ride, and the Polin-designed "flying carpet" and "rainbow" themes are very popular.

Magic Hole.

The enclosed waterslide, with its unique oval top and flat bottom, allows for a variety of turns, twists and turns, and descents. The process is unforgettable and thrilling.

An Aquatube Pipe Slide

Visitors depart from three stories high and fly quickly through a transparent tube.

An Aquatube + Body Slide

Slide Set. Visitors also start from three stories high and glide through a transparent tube before entering a variety of different tracks.

Mysterious Black Hole.

This enclosed tubular slide offers a variety of special effects to create an out-of-this-world visual experience.

Black Hole + Flying Boats + Space Shuttle combination Mysterious Black Hole + Space Shuttle

Guests are propelled by water flowing through the tubes and the space shuttle shaped capsule as they begin their journey, spinning and descending in a series of surprises.

Black Hole + Rafting Slide combination.

One part of the slide provides high-speed gliding through twisting, turning tubes, while the other part allows guests to ride the raft together.

Family Rafting Slide + Family Wave Slide combination.

The family combo makes the ride accessible to guests of all ages, immediately following Polin's high-speed climbing section.

Navigatour+Sphere combination.Roller Coaster+Streaming Planet combination

Visitors ride in a raft that climbs quickly through high-speed nozzles and then swings from side to side as it enters the streamer planet, which is extremely fun.

Looping Rocket + Freefall combination.

Highly stimulating, with riders falling in a straight line from the starting platform, simulating free fall, but without danger.

Spheres + Navigatour + Black Hole combination.

The water is propelled up and down through nozzles, past a spherical chamber, and into a closed pipe, making the entire trip multi-playable.

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