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The first half of 2016 marketing summary meeting was held at the company headquarters


At 14:00pm in the afternoon of July 6, the first half of the marketing summary meeting of Daxin Water Park was held in the new conference room of the group. The meeting was chaired by the chairman of the company group Tian Gaoqi. The company's executive vice president Zheng Yongxin and all the board members and related management personnel. At the meeting.

The main contents of this meeting are as follows:

Firstly. Summary and analysis of the work situation of the marketing department in the first half of the year

[Note: The marketing department consists of the marketing department, the domestic sales department and the international foreign trade department.]

1. The completion of the target of the domestic sales department and the work plan and sales target for the second half of the year;

2. The completion of the promotion work of the marketing department and the work plan and market objectives for the second half of the year;

3. The market objectives and completion of the Ministry of International Trade and the work plan for the second half of the year.

Second, in view of the current working conditions and existing problems of the marketing department, as the central topic of the company and

Relevant leaders made comments and suggestions and expressed their personal views.

Third, in response to the institutionalization of the company, the implementation of standardization and digital management, Chairman Tian made a personal deployment.

And responsible to the person;

Fourth, in response to the current problems and deficiencies in the marketing department, on the follow-up solutions and improvement programs,

The meeting formed a resolution on the spot

Five, seek truth from facts, do what you can

In view of the current development trend of water parks in the international and domestic markets, according to the analysis of the company's production capacity and various comprehensive conditions, the marketing targets for the second half of 2016 were made. Tian Dong stressed that in the current development trend of the water park industry, we must not blindly pursue the number of orders and the number of sales. We must steadily and steadily, step by step, and aim to ensure that each project can be completed and delivered to customers on time and in good quality and quantity.

It is now necessary to do a good job plan for marketing, production, engineering, including design planning in 2017, summing up past experience and making the most reasonable planning for next year's work, and considering the difficulties and appearances that may be encountered. The problem is to do a preventive solution.

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