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Palm Valley Water City - DAXIN WATER PARK


Brief information

Project name: Palm Valley Water City

Size: 15000㎡
Location: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

Finished time: 2011.07.05

Palm Valley Water City is located at No. 8 Yingbin Road, Dongcheng District, Dongguan, next to the Royal View Bay Hotel. It is quiet and pleasant, with fresh air, green and exotic style. Daxin Water Park provided one-stop service for planning, design, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and training management. It has five swimming areas, leisure pool, wave pool, children's pool, circulation river and high-altitude water skiing. It is the most beautiful water park in Dongguan. The water park, which combines the unique natural environment and ingenious design ideas, can enjoy the romantic beaches and the exciting water activities.

The adventurous lazy river, with an average width of 4 meters and a wave height of 0.3-1 meters, has a 150-meter-long surf track, creating a fun and exciting entertainment environment for adventurers;

The leisure pool, with a water depth of 1.2-1.5 meters, has a poolside bar for guests to enjoy a variety of refreshing drinks and snacks, suitable for adult beginners and swimmers;

The wave pool, with a wave width of 30 meters and a wave height of 0.3-1.2 meters, provides a realistic beach for those who like to sunbathe, and provides the beach with necessities such as palm trees and beach chairs.

The children's pool, with a water depth of 0.4-0.6 meters, is specially decorated with cartoon statues in the pool. There is also a water playground in the center of the pool, which will surely become the favorite of children in the entire water park;

Spiral slides, adventurous friends can slide along the two slides from the 10-meter platform to the lower part. One slide is open and one is closed. The timid guests can choose the one next to the high slide. Short and low slides.

There are also massage pools, waterfall pools, and leisure buildings set up by friends who are tired of swimming. Whether you are an adult child, you can fully appreciate this kind of fun, and with the proper and considerate management and services provided by the hotel, you will be able to spend a wonderful holiday full of magical charm with your family! 

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