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Jiangxi Yichun Mu Dream Water World


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Project name: Jiangxi Yichun Mu Dream Water World
Size: 100000㎡
Location: Jiangxi City, China


The project is the latest generation of large-scale integrated water park, with a total area of 10 hectares and a total investment of 46 million US dollars. It is the largest, situational and profitable hot spring water park project in Jiangxi Province, China. The products include large horn slides (the most energy-saving in China). Installed 90KW), four giant beast bowl, rush race slide (eight roads), super wave board (18 meters high, four-person leather raft), family drifting slide (18 meters high, four-person leather raft), high speed combination Slides, large-scale interactive water tanks, water-operating equipment, artificial wave (vacuum, wind pressure), drifting river and other projects were opened to the public in June 2014, with obvious experience and high return on investment.

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