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How to design the water park?


How to design the water park?

With the development and subdivision of the the water park market, many large-scale investment enterprises are also involved in the layout of the water park.
However, it is not easy to design the water park. It is not only a simple layout of equipment, but also includes the planning of the theme story, the layout of the overall format, the selection of water amusement equipment, the control of architectural style, the design of the overall artistic atmosphere (including the logo system, color, VI, etc.), the landscape packaging design and other planning and design contents (tourism market positioning, theme activities Planning, tourism products, tourism line organization...).
So, how to design the water park? The following is an example of the forest water world of Suzhou paradise in China.
1. Determine the theme and style of water park
For water park, lacking of unique attractive themes for activities and landscapes may fall into a strange circle of homogeneity due to the high homogeneity of hardware. Therefore, the water park should also have a theme.  Create a unique water park through the theme clue design will form a differentiated competitiveness.
2. Pay attention to harmony with the theme environment
With the increasing of tourists' demand, the importance of landscape packaging design of water park is becoming more and more prominent. The overall environment of the water park should be consistent with the theme atmosphere. On the basis of the uniqueness of the water park itself, the architectural landscape and water landscape elements should be integrated, and the unique theme of the park should be reflected in the details through the environmental art packaging.
3. Clear, scientific, environmental friendly and reasonable division of functional areas
Gradually set up the functional areas, so that tourists are fully engaged and intoxicated.

4. Unique and novel project setting
Research and analyze the needs of consumer groups, set up unique and novel water recreation facilities and equipment and multi-functional entertainment projects, have their own highlights and uniqueness in the same industry, enhance business competitiveness, and make tourists feel the water entertainment in all aspects.
Water park equipment selection is more diverse, usually large-scale water slide, large-scale water village, children's play pool, children's slide, wave pool, drifting River, swimming pool. In terms of model selection, the current mainstream still pursues "faster and more exciting".
With the continuous development of the market, the future water park is not only a place for young people to pursue stimulation, but also a place for family members to spend leisure and entertainment. Family and leisure products will become a main direction of future market development.
In addition to the above contents, such as anti-skid issues, secondary consumption, setting of amusement equipment entrance area and exit area, setting of square, layout of sunshade / rest area, etc., should also be fully considered in the design process of water park.

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