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How to control the water quality problem of constant temperature water park


Indoor constant temperature water park is a new water park. Overcoming the traditional seasonal management problems of water parks, and bringing consumers a comfortable environment with constant temperature throughout the seasons. As a public playground, indoor water parks must meet relevant standards for water quality, so how to control constant temperature water What about the water quality of the park? The editor will take you to find out.

1. The design should be reasonable:

According to the total water volume and circulation period of the water park, the relative specifications of filtration, disinfection, and sterilization equipment should be configured, and the drainage pipeline should be arranged in a reasonable direction. Make sure that the water enters in time and the drainage is unobstructed.

2. Regular inspection:

Regularly check the water quality, check whether the turbidity, PH value, water temperature and other conventional and unconventional items meet the requirements.

3. Kill algae and absorb pollution:

First, use a coagulant to precipitate and solidify the impurities in the water, and run the water circulation system for half an hour, and then use the dirt suction equipment to remove the sediment. Under normal circumstances, if the pool always maintains a chlorine content of 0.3-1.0PPM, or if disinfection tablets and clarifiers are added, algae problems will not occur. There are two types of algaecides: traditional copper sulfate algaecides and algaecides. Choose one.

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