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Chairman Tian Gaoqi was invited to participate in the 2018 Asian Paradise and Attractions Expo Summit Forum


Our chairman, Tian Gaoqi, was invited to participate in the 2018 Asia Paradise and Attractions Expo Summit Forum.

The annual Asian Paradise and Attractions Expo was held at the Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Exhibition Hall on April 3rd-5th. April 1-2, Guangdong Daxin water park Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (ie our company) Tian Gaoqi Director was invited to participate in the summit forum before exhibition as a special guest, and made a brilliant speech entitled The Application of Interaction Design IXD in Water Park, and was unanimously recognized by the audience and friends in the industry.

Chairman Tian analyses the use of interactive IXD in the water park on the following two aspects:

First, the way of development: the method of innovation and development of water parks.

1. Traditional mechanical water park equipment - the use of physical properties;

2. Photoelectric compound water park equipment - Effective superposition of photoelectricity;

3. Thematic landscape water park equipment - the creative use of the theme landscape;

4. Intelligent interactive water park equipment - innovative use of high technology;

Take the latest self-developed products of our company as an example: the trumpet slide (patented product).

Second, the cause of the problem: the widespread problems in the water park

1. plethora

2. Homogenization

3. Simplification

4. Inferiority

I have elaborated on various aspects and discussed with colleagues in the industry.

Daxin water park will continue to work hard to contribute to the water amusement industry together with the friends and industry colleagues who are engaged in the water amusement industry, and will continue to be the leader of the water amusement industry, pioneers!

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