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Artificial Tidal River Equipment In Water Park

Tourists can lie on the specially designed water wings, floating around the lazy river, relax themselves. 
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    Guangzhou/ Shenzhen Port
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    30 Days
  • Floor Space:

    According to your land size and your requirements
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A unique longitudinal rapid drifting area provided in the river is the best choice for families to enjoy the leisure time. You can experience the Bermuda’s thrills of the 800 meter long river, along the river, the scenery is magnificent and colorful and there are interesting rocks and strange stones. There are landscape elements such as magical fog facility and water monitor to create the experiences of black hole vortex, tropical rain forest, birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers. Besides, the construction of the floating river is quite remarkable. It almost expresses its cultural connotation through cracked art, the sculptures and modeling along the riverside can make the tourists feel exotic. 

Lazy river equipment

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Innovative R&D team develop new arrival water park equipment according to water park industry market and customer requirements.

Professional planning &designing team make proposal for a new water park according to the land site and your requirements.

Experienced products team make a whole plan to ensure the producing time and top quality equipment to all our clients. Raw material use top brand gel coal and resin


Skilled engineering team is responsible for guiding  installation for our client's project.

After sales service to all our clients.

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Email us with any questions or inquiries or use our contact data. We would be happy to answer your questions.