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Anyang Tianzhi Yao Water Park


Project name: Anyang Tianzhi Yao Water Park
Size: 20000
Location: Anyang City, Henan Province, China
Finished year: 2014.07.8

Anyang Tianzhi Yao Water Park has invested heavily in the introduction of nearly 20 kinds of water entertainment equipment and international advanced technology in the province, and has designed and provided dozens by Daxin water park construction company. The entertainment project has a large tsunami pool with an area of 15,000 square meters and a wave height of 3 meters using vacuum wave technology; the country's first giant dragon slide with 6 people; a lazy river of 1000 meters; a monster with a diameter of nearly 20 meters Bowl; the largest tornado slide in the Central Plains and the country's latest large-scale interactive children's water pool that can accommodate 1,000 people at the same time, many of them set a record in Henan Province and even the whole country. At the same time, Tianzhiyao Water Park has introduced domestic first-class water treatment technology based on high-quality hot spring water sources, so that all the water quality indicators have reached the national quality standards, so that tourists and friends can play with peace of mind and have fun! Tianzhiyao Water Park, which integrates a variety of world-class equipment, is the largest, most abundant and most fun ride in the Central Plains. Strength casts the brand! Anyang Tianzhiyao Water Park will set a benchmark for the same industry in Henan Province, and is determined to become a model for water recreation projects in the four provinces of Jin, Yi, Lu and Yu, and open a new chapter in the tourism life of the Central Plains!

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