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Analysis on the increasing market share of children's water park equipment


With the improvement of modern living standards, people are increasingly seeking novel, exciting, interesting and fun things for amusement. The rise of water parks is an upgrade of children's parks, and it has also driven the water amusement equipment industry so popular, making more water parks more attractive to children and even parents. Why is the share of children's water parks greatly increased? The editor will take you to find out.


1. Market analysis:


The children's water park is based on the business philosophy of everything for children, which distinguishes it from the overly commercial atmosphere of other amusement parks, and psychologically makes the target customer group more acceptable. The children's water park is a new water project that attracts very high passengers and can bring a large passenger flow to the children's area. Shopping malls all over the world are also looking for new project breakthroughs.


2. Customer group analysis:


The customer base of the children's playground can be divided into fixed customers and mobile customers. Fixed customers are a relatively stable source of revenue for indoor children's playgrounds; mobile customers are very random and difficult to predict. Generally speaking, the first thing that indoor children's parks must strive for is a fixed source of customers. Without a fixed source of customers, it is difficult for your park to continue to operate.


3. Investment direction:


Children’s water parks are very popular among investors. They have the advantages of small investment, small floor space, short construction period, and flexible operation. However, the children’s water parks are rich in content and full of playfulness, and are popular with children and parents.

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