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Adult Fiberglass Cobra Slide In Water Amusement Park

Cobra water slide is visual experience in research and development of new slide.
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  • Color:

    Can be customized
  • Shipping Port:

    Guangzhou/ Shenzhen Port
  • Lead Time:

    35 days
  • Platform Height:

    18.0 m
  • Product Details

Adult fiberglass cobra slide in water amusement park experience

Fiberglass slide with galvanized steel structure, the overall shape is like a winding lurking in the water with open mouthed in the park , the overall effect of the slide in accordance with the cobra in the packing line, part of the spiral is like a snake curled up, Head of cobra to part of the packaging effect like snake spit a dangerous signal, riders from the 18-meter-high platform, through out spiral slide high-speed access to the head of cobra, after head cyclotron finally stop. The whole process to riders stunning color visual sense experience and intense speed of experience.

cobra slide

Platform Height                                          18.0 m                  
Diameter                   2.7 m
Floor Space                   1800 sqm
Power                   74kW
Water Flow                   1060 m3/ H
Capacity                   240 persons/ H
Sliding Method
                  4 persons by raft            
Material                   Fiberglass 

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Daxin Amusement Group is a National High-tech Enterprise, owns 6 professional companies, has 500 staffs of professionals to the water park industry, bases of production covering an area of over 100,000 square meters. As one of the first enterprises with large water amusement facilities manufacturing, installation and maintenance of special equipment qualification. Daxin has specialized in providing over 200 customers from home and abroad with the customized packages service for planning, designing, producing, installation and after-sales service on water park.

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