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A concrete manifestation of the competitiveness of water parks


With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the state promotes the development of the cultural and tourism industry. After more than 30 years of continuous development, China's water park market is booming, and the industry has seized the development opportunities to step up its deployment. At the same time, investors and operators have become more and more rational in thinking about water parks. The advantages of a successful water park include IP packaging, theme activities, tourist services, water park equipment, catering and other ancillary facilities, comprehensive tourist experience, etc. The most important of these is the current experience that can bring visitors an intuitive amusement experience. It belongs to the water park equipment, which largely determines the passenger flow, the repeat visit rate of tourists, and the operating cost.

With the increasing investment and requirements of Chinese consumers for amusement experience and services, how can they stand out in the market all over the water park and gain a long-term competitive advantage? That is, the water park needs to introduce distinctive amusement facilities to create differentiation and attract target customers.

Mainly consider several aspects:

1. Innovative

Unique and innovative water park equipment is the key to attracting tourists and bringing repeat customers. The truly innovative water slide products can bring visitors a unique amusement experience that cannot be replicated by other similar slides, leaving an indelible impression in the hearts of tourists.

2. Quality and performance

Water amusement facilities must not compromise on quality and performance requirements. A high-standard water slide must have a better experience for tourists, a safer and controllable taxi route, a more durable FRP material, a smoother operation, and a lower maintenance cost.

3. Return on investment

The cost of designing and purchasing water slides for water parks only accounts for about 20% of the total investment in the new park. Those water amusement facilities that integrate industry-leading innovation, technology and high-quality water amusement facilities can create 70% for the park in the long run. %-80% of operating income.

4. After-sales service

Excellent after-sales service will help the water park to operate more efficiently. Through reasonable maintenance, the life of a water slide can reach at least 20 years. Building a successful, popular, and uniquely differentiated water park can gain a competitive advantage in the regional market for a long time in the future. This is also a new trend for China's water parks in the future.

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