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A brief description of the development process of the water park


A brief description of the development process of the water park

Water park concept:

Water Park refers to a water-based amusement park with various water slides (super tornado slides, turn back towering slide, behemoth bowls, etc.), wave pools, lazy rivers, and other water park equipment. Its rise has greatly changed the form of water recreation and entertainment, and has become a new form of recreation and entertainment with a rapidly expanding industry scale. At present, water parks are generally regarded as a form of theme parks or paradise, and are an important part of theme parks.

Water splashing activities have been loved by the people since ancient times, laying the foundation for the development of water parks, and also spawning a bunch of large and small water park equipment manufacturers.

Development history of water park:

The development time of water park is relatively short, but it has risen rapidly and continues to grow.

1. Swimming pool stage: before the mid-1980s

The swimming pool stage, as the name suggests, is based on the ordinary standard swimming pool, plus some simple supporting entertainment equipment as auxiliary expansion of the swimming pool, such as diving platform, simple water spray equipment, this is the water amusement project in the initial period.

2. Water playground stage: mid-1980s to mid-1990s

This period is the amusement zoning stage. As the area of the site continues to expand, simple functional zoning of the water park begins. Some water play sketches and cartoon-related sketches were added to the children's area, and some water amusement equipment with larger volumes and more complex structures appeared in the adult area.

3. Water park stage: mid-1990s to 2005

This stage is a more humane stage of water amusement. The area of the water park project has expanded significantly, and the design of the water park has become more humanized and functional according to the customer groups; in addition to the water park equipment area, there are more other functional areas: such as dining area, rest area, leisure and entertainment area, etc.

4. Comprehensive water park: 2005 to present

The sublimation of cross-collision between elements from all over the world and local elements has a stronger functional complex, which has a huge boosting effect on the surrounding environment and business. The water park at this stage is not only an entertainment space, but also a landscape and architectural artwork.

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